Enrolment Policy


This policy applies to all candidates who desire to enroll for secondary education up to either “O” and/or “A” Level studies. This may be done by either a full-time or part-time student, day scholar or boarder, and whether it is assessed / examined leading to a qualification or not. Required documentation needs to be submitted in order for the applicant to be successfully enrolled.


  • Required documentation such as certified copy of: Birth Certificate/National ID; Proof of residence; Grade 7 or “O” level results or School Report Card; 2 Passport Size Photos – to be submitted in order to be considered for “Enrolment”;
  • Full Payment of the “Enrolment Fee”;
  • Automatic “Enrolment” (subject to Terms and Conditions) to be done strictly for entry into Form/s: 1; 2; 3; 5;
  • “Enrolment” directly into Form/s 4 & 6 strictly during Term 1 will require special clearance by the school management;
  • Strictly NO “Enrolment” shall be done into Form/s 4 or 6 during Term 2 and/or Term 3;
  • All applicants may go through an assessment exercise by the particular department before “Enrolment”;
  • All applicants going into Form 1 must possess Grade 7 School Results;
  • All applicants going into Form 2 or Form 3 must possess School Report Cards on top of Grade 7 Results;
  • All applicants going into Form 5 must possess “O” level results;

Failure to observe the above will result in No “Enrolment”.